Laser Hair Removal services in South Bay Med Spa are useful in removing unwanted hair from the underarm, face, back, leg, bikini line, arm, upper lip, and chin, to name a few. However, you should not treat skin with tattoos, the eyelid, and surrounding areas, with laser hair removal.

  1. Lasers can accurately target the hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Therefore, laser hair removalis precise.
  2. It is easy to predict the outcome as most patients have permanent hair loss after three to seven sessions.
  3. Laser hair removalis fast and can treat many hairs simultaneously. It may take one minute for small areas, while the large back may take an hour.

You should trim your hair on the area that will undergo treatment just before the procedure. You should trim it to a few millimeters about the skin surface. The physician presses a handheld laser instrument to your skin. The treatment provider adjusts the laser equipment according to skin color, hair thickness, color, and location of the hair you want to treat. To help with the laser pulse stings, a topical numbing medicine is applied 30 minutes before the procedure. Depending on the light source or laser, you and the technician must wear appropriate eye protection. A cooling device on the instrument’s tip or a cooling gel may be used to lessen the risk of side effects, protect the outer layers of your skin, and help the light penetrate the skin.

On activation of the laser, the laser beam passes through the skin to the hair follicles, which are damaged by the intense heat from the laser beams. This will inhibit hair growth. You may feel discomfort and likely feel a cold sensation from the cooling gel or device. Next, the physician will give a light pulse to the area you want to treat and watch it for a few minutes to ensure they are using the best settings and check for bad reactions. For the discomfort after the procedure is complete, you are given cold water, anti-inflammatory lotions or creams, and ice packs. These treatments will run until your hair stops growing. You can then schedule your subsequent treatment a month or six weeks later.

After the laser hair removal procedure, you might notice swelling and redness for the first few hours. You are advised that between scheduled treatments, you should avoid sunlight and tanning beds for six weeks and use broad-spectrum sunscreen daily. You will not shed hair immediately but over days. Since hair loss and growth occur in a cycle, repeated laser hair removal treatments are necessary; they work well when hair follicles are in the new-growth stage. If you treat your face, you can use makeup the next day. Your treated area may feel sunburned and using moisturizers, and cool compresses come in handy.

Side effects of the treatment vary with hair color, skin type, how one adheres to post and pre-treatment care, and the treatment plan. Some of the side effects of laser hair removal include; skin irritation and pigment changes. Other rare side effects include excessive hair growth around the area or graying of the treated hair.

The cost depends on the number of treatments, the size of the treatment area, whether a doctor is the treatment provider, and the geographic location of where you are having the treatment.

Whether you have tanned, light, or dark skin with fine or coarse hair, South Bay Med Spa offers its clients safe, quick, effective, and painless services.

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