Whittier Coolsculpting:

Coolsculpting® is an exciting form of Fat freezing reduction, and body sculpting / tightening that we provide at our Whittier facility Mon-Sat. Whittier Med Spa is proudly the First Whittier based Med Spa to offer the new Coolsculpting Elite system.

Coolsculpting elite offers more coverage and can get more fat reduction done in less time.

Listed beneath are some of the benefits of the exclusive Coolsculpting Elite® system versus the original cool sculpting model that most med spas offer.


CoolSculpting vs CoolSculpting Elite:

  • Elite provides a more relaxing experience as it is a quieter operating machine
  • Elite provides 100% of patients faster and stronger results then ever seen before
  • Elite offers a reengineered applicator that provides more contact, better grip, with superior results
  • The Elite machine offers two applicators, allowing more cool fat freezing than before
  • Elite comes with removable applicator heads to achieve more treatment in less time
  • The Coolsculpting Elite system comes with a new rewards program. This program provides points for CoolSculpting and other Allergan services you purchase.



Currently Whittier Med Spa provides this new Cool Sculpting Elite technology in our Whittier location found in the Crenshaw Medical Building. We are the first of all the med spas in the Whittier to bring you Coolsculpting Elite. More about why Whittier Med Spa provides the Best Coolsculpting near me.


Coolsculpting reduces pockets of stubborn fat in the areas listed below. Some fat areas can be reduced in just 1 session.


Our Whittier med spa provides Coolsculpting results fast and safely. It can supplement diet and exercise to give you fastest fat loss through combination of fat freezing and diet / exercise.

Services are all performed by trained and registered staff, experienced in coolsculpting treatment. Average times vary, but can be in the minimum of 35 mins to maximum of 55 min range depending on number of applications & body area.


General Benefits of Coolsculpting

General Benefits of Coolsculpting


Coolsculpting freezes pockets of fat away to create effective weight loss and tighter body contour. Coolsculpting patients most benefit from:

  1. Permanent fat cell removal in each of the below 10 areas
  2. FDA approved to tighten skin as well as remove fat under chin
Local Coolsculpting near me: Torrance Coolsculpting




Common Areas:

  • Stomach
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Under Chin
  • Abdomen
  • Neck
  • Flank/Lower Back
  • Upper Back
  • Inner Thighs
  • Outer thighs




More on Local Coolsculpting


More on Local Coolsculpting:

Coolsculpting is a highly effective way to help supplement diet and exercise by offering contouring and sculpting through a non-invasive nature.


Simply put, Coolsculpting is easy and the results are visibly out of this world!


Get Coolsculpting services at our Whittier or Torrance facilities today.


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Learn More on how Coolsculpting Works?

Coolsculpting® reduces pockets of stubborn fat in trouble body areas like the ones listed above. Some of the fat trouble area's can be reduced in as little as single session. Learn more about Day of details in our advice and promos section.