I found the Best Botox near me, but is it for me?


Botox® injections work for anyone seeking strong and proven anti-aging and enhancement to treat: crows feet, mouth, jawline, lips, or cheek . The top benefits include:


  1. Anti-Aging - Forehead wrinkle improvement
  2. Anti-Aging - Treatment of crows feet
  3. Lip Enhancements
  4. Sweat Gland Treatment under arms and hands
  5. Lift corners of Mouth
  6. Soften prominent neck bands
  7. Slim Jawline
  8. Prevent hair thinning/restore hair growth


Whittier Med Spa provides professional Botox injections in our whittier facility Mon-Sat. Serving whittier, San Pedro, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, and the greater Whittier.

Average times vary, but can be in the minimum of 25 mins to maximum of 45 min range depending on number of applications & body area. Read below to see common Botox treatment areas.



Common Botox Treatment Areas:


Best Botox Treatment Areas:

These are some of the most common Botox injection areas:

  • Forehead
  • Crows feet around eyes
  • Lips
  • Under Arms
  • Frown lines between eyebrow
  • Nose-bunny lines
  • Corners of mouth
  • Masseter muscles in jaw
  • Neck- platysmal bands
  • Palms of hands
  • Top of head for male pattern baldness
General Benefits of Botox:

More Benefits of Botox:

In our Torrance office we explain the Botox injections process and the specific benefits your skin type can achieve. Botox is most associated with the following benefits:

  • Anti-Aging - Forehead wrinkle improvement
  • Anti-Aging - Improvement / treatment of crows feet
  • Lip Enhancement
  • Slim jawline
  • Soften prominent neck bands
  • Prevent hair thinning/restore hair growth
  • Sweat Gland Treatment under arms and hands
  • Lift corners of mouth
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Offering Botox Near Torrance & Whittier:

We provide Botox in both Torrance ad Whittier. Botox is the most common med spa injection service. Botox benefits both male & female patients. Whenever near our Torrance or Whittier facilities, you'll never have to wonder; "where's the best Botox near me?" Call to receive a complimentary consultation on phone or in person, and get info about Botox deals in Torrance or Whittier. Botox by South Bay Medical Spa.
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