PRP Microneedling in Whittier:


Microneedling is a strong form of medical spa anti aging and skin youth restoration. Similar to other deep skin solutions, microneedling combined with PRP injections is an effective form of deep scar treatment. Severe scaring happens all over the body, some areas like the Face, Neck, Chest, & Legs are sometimes more troublesome to treat due to their high visibility.

Our Whittier facilities both offer the Eclipse micro needling system. This technology is a proven & very commonly used form of microneedling.

As mentioned earlier, PRP injections for hair loss, can also be used to stimulate collagen which is effective with and during microneedling to further help the healing & treatment process.

Whittier Med Spa provides skilled Micro-Needling services at our Whittier facility Mon-Sat. Average times vary, but can be in the minimum of 30 mins to maximum of 60 min range, depending on mixture of applications and areas required.






Areas that Benefit most from Microneedling Treatment:

The most common effectively treated areas of the body with Micro-Needling and PRP injectable treatments:

  • Full Face  -  Forehead • Crows Feet • Nose • Cheeks • Upper Lip • Chin
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Stomach
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Butt
  • Body Scarring - any body part






General Benefits & Best Treatment Areas:

The Benefits of Micro Needling:

As outlined above, there are multiple anti-aging benefits to using Micro-Needling services throughout the body. With Microneedling people are interested in the full spectrum of advantages this scaring and anti-aging treatment provides, so that's why it's often administered along with PRP injections to help get the most smooth and useful anti-aging results for your skin.:


  • Makes Uneven Skin Texture more Smooth from Scars or Old pimples
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Improve Hyperpigmentation
  • Minimize Pores
  • Helps Facilitate Collagen Production
  • Increases Cellular Turnover to Create Fresh, New Skin Cells


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If you're near our Torrance office, you'll never have to again ask; "where's the best PRP micro needling near me?" Call us for a Free Consultation on how microneedling and PRP services can work best for you. 310-974-6160.