Firm up your face with Botox® or Dysport Injectables commonly used for men. Juvederm® Family of injectables may apply depending on your needs. be sure to call us or come in for a complimentary consultation on what services are best for you. Here is more on our Whittier Med Spa Injectables.

Med Spa Laser hair Removal is popular for men as well as women. Men benefit from Chest, Back, and Neck treatments among others. Please be sure to give us a call for a complimentary consultation. Continue here to learn more about our Laser Hair Removal services.

Men benefit from Coolsculpting® services by treating the back flanks, stomach, chin, and other regions covered in our How Coolsculpting Works? page.

Coolsculpting® is a non invasive procedure to freeze stubborn fat cells, and allow them to wither down. Obviously exercise and diet are still vital factors, but Coolsculpting will give you that boosted edge and with a cool blast brush the fat off with just a few sessions.

See Men's Coolsculpting Fat Loss Before and Afters for evidence of the robust results coolsculpting fat loss treatment.


See the results for yourself. Please view our men's gallery of Coolsculpting Before and Afters for evidence of the pure power of the Coolsculpting fat freezing weight loss procedure.